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When a foreign citizen decides to buy a house in Spain, either as a permanent residence or as a second residence, he finds himself with a series of procedures that in some cases differ greatly from the way he does it in his country. At Lares Solicitors we have a team that can help you make this process easier and more enjoyable.

We carry out the legal administrative procedures to apply to the sale/buying of the property:

• Review of contracts and pre-contracts.

• Explanation of payments and taxes for the sale.

• Verification of the property legality:

  • Administrative: verification of the urban situation of the property and possible infractions.
  • Registration: verification of the registration status of the property:
  • Making sure that the house coincides with what is registered.
  • Existence of debts (mortgages, rights of Access existing on the property…
  • Ownership …

• Review of the documentation before signing.

• We will accompany to you to the notary office for the signing or sign through powers of attorney on your behalf (in case you are not in Spain).

However, you must consider that there are some important steps to be taken before and after the sale, in which we can also advise you:

• NIE (Foreigner Identity Number), is an identification number for foreigners in Spain. This NIE is mandatory to buy a house or rent an apartment, open a business, study or work in Spain, open a bank account, contract a telephone or internet line, register for the Social Security National Institute (INSS) to have access to Spanish health care or request a private insurance in Spain, buy a car, change your driving license… This is the first step for a foreigner and in Lares we can help you to obtain it.

• We can help you to open a bank account in Spain.

• Registration at the Town Hall (certificado de empadronamiento).

• Residence permission, if you are going to be in Spain for more than 3 months.

• Registrationin the Spanish Social Security system, once the residence has been obtained and with the authorization of the health system from the country of origin.

• Exchange of the driving licence in Traffic (DGT), assistance to carry out a medical certificate for it, and assistance in the purchase of a vehicle if needed (paperwork, financing, etc.)

• We will accompany you to the notary office for various procedures, such as the granting of powers of attorney, signing deeds of sale, mortgage, making of wills…

• We can contact a reliable insurance agent at a reasonable price for home, health, vehicles, as well as accountants, home improvement services, etc.

If you need guidance on how to organize your arrival in Spain and the formalities to be done, do not hesitate to contact us.